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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
You pointed out, which means you thought it important, that booker and dean are not presidents like trump. Correct, wrong but not at the level of POTUS. You Said that somehow it’s more egregious for a potus to say that, then you said it’s based on how many times one says it. Kind of hard to follow, you were rambling and all over the place and very inconsistent.I don't think I'm being inconsistent. Wrong on any level but especially egregious for POTUS. I'm willing to give someone a pass for saying something 1 or 2 times but as some point you can't forgive them any more.

Sure the gop hated obama. Like the dems hate trump. But again, obama gets a pass for attacking republicans, but you criticize trump for attacking democrats. no one is giving him a pass but Trump does it hundreds of time more than any politician.

Here’s one for would you describe the democrats refusal to celebrate historically low black unemployment? How would you describe their decision to sit on their hands with scowls on their faces, and refuse to celebrate the drop in black unemployment, just because they hate the guy who pointed it out? BC Trump had practically nothing to do with it. He takes all of the credit for a great economy that he inherited. I've always said Pres. have less impact on the economy than they get credit for. I'm willing to give POTUS credit/blame after a year.

Now you are changing again, saying what bothers you is that trump called them treasonous for not clapping. So it’s ok to call people traitors for the reasons that booker and deanDid Cotton send a letter to Iranian leaders saying ignore any deal Pres. Obama signed because it would be voided. So he (and other Repub) undermined our Pred. did it, but not ok to do it for the reason that trump did it.

So to recap, you say it’s ok that booker and dean did it, but not ok that trump did it, because
Trump is president.

Trump did it more times than they did it ( once or twice is ok, but 3 is the magic number).

Trump said it in response to reaction to his speech.

So the appropriateness of calling someone a traitor depends on your job title, whether or not you have done it twice already, and whether or not it’s a reaction to an audience snubbing your applause line in a speech.

Got it.

And when I criticize those I disagree with, I am complaining. When you do it, well I’m not sure what you claim it to be, but it’s more noble than when I do it. I certainly don't No hypocrisy there, no sir.
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I think it has more to do w/your vile statements.
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