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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
No thats the truth not fear mongering Conservatives are afraid of everything and everyone or have we not been paying attention ?

PS smart people can be morons.. cruz's statement is more than enough to make my point .. for a legal guy he has no issues doing illegal things like locking down Muslim neighborhood out of fear
The CBS hosts pressed Cruz on how he thinks it would logistically work to patrol 3 million American Muslims, who are not, as Cruz suggested, “ghetto-ized” in festering radical communities.

Cruz admitted, when asked by co-host Norah O’Donnell that he didn’t know how many Muslims lived in the United States.

“So you’re saying that law enforcement should surveil a number of Muslims and you don’t even know how many Muslims are in America,” she said.

Please note I am not saying this isn't a concern (terrorism) But it is Far from the 1# most dangerous issue America faces Unless your a Conservative a party where you can get Terrorism Immigration and weak Military and for additional introductory offer you can throw in for free Gun grabber Gay marriage or losing religious freedoms abortion or Planned parenthood>>> its like a comcast bundle all BS makes you feel like you got something
Yea anybody with a brain knows we should be more worried about climate change . The sky is falling !
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