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heard a Hillary supporting talking head explain the other day that they were frustrated that Hillary's primary message as to why someone should support her is that she's "not Trump"....problem is that each time she tries to characterize Trump as a misogynist....Bill and all of his dirty deeds pop up..... as unstable....she keels over reckless.....more emails are an advantaged rich white guy....her ties to wall street and the advantaged super rich are crooked....we're reminded that she leads the league and has set the bar very high/or low, depending on how you view it..
......don't know about the story running on Drudge but now Bill Clinton's "son" has popped up?...apparently if Obama had a son he'd look like Bill Clinton's son? which I guess makes sense because Bill Clinton was actually our first black president......this too funny and gets more amusing all the time...which I guess is the point of reality TV...and WIKI leak is set to drop the big one?

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