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Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
Aside from JohnR, how about moderators send a pm to people when they choose to edit someone's post? Especially when they come in and edit posts 6 hours after they've obviously been seen by JohnR.
Not sure what you are referring to but while nice, it is no way required for anyone to PM why something is moderated.

It is simply a time / work issue. As owner, I make far less than legal minimum wage to do this, as moderators, they make far less than me per hour to moderate posts. Zero. They also have the added benefit of getting yelled at on occasion

Very few posts get moderated. The site's goal is not to moderate but on occasion it may be necessary. Occasionally I will send a PM or make an edit in the reasons box, as do some of the others. But its is not a requirement and not a big focus.

I think they do a pretty stinkin' god job considering they are doing it for free, are more than fair, and when they are not overly tyrannical in their moderating, they are far too lax.

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