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LMAO mike, your a character. Fish with me soon bud, I'm sure I can add to the list, I've done some stupid things in may day. Experience is a great teacher, here are some things I can gladly help others accomplish or avoid

1. Why you never ever get out of your seat in my boat, when the engine is running, especially in late septemer.
2. Why is helpful to undo the motor totter and bungee before launching as the propeller, although it can do it for you, tends to be damaged in the process.
3. Why trimming up your outboard before you trailer home is wise and why not going fishing with a fever that same day, might have saved your skeg while backing into your driveway later in the day.
4. Why with 25 knot winds and 4 footers, it's smart to wear the brand new 75 dollar life jacket, rather than look back wondering where the hell it went.
5. Why you should remember to put the aerator back in the livewell, so the dozen eels you want to save until the next trip, don't become the most foul smelling mess after a week under cover in 90 degree heat.
6. Why it's smart to not leave the bildge pump and other electronic devices running for a week between trips.
7. Why greasing your bearings more frequently can save you the sight of your right rear trailer tire beating you down the exit ramp.
8. Why when you buy your first trailer, new or not, you should immediately pull all the internal light wiring and place it on the outside, which will save you hours of frustration down the road. Note to self; time I did that with this trailer.
9. Why it's wise to not forget both your hat and sunblock on those bright sunny summer days.
10. Why you always check to make sure the plug is in before launching the boat and why at the same time, you should always insure your bildge pump works before launching.
11. Why after dark in new water, you never assume you know the way back to the ramp, especially when low on gas in the first place.

Oh my list goes on, but that will suffice to start .
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