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1) can give lessons on how to run all over the coast for 3 seasons barely catching anything and taking a friend out for his first surf fishing trip ever and having him catch close to the fish of a lifetime.............

2) How to watch clamdigger and John bail fish after fish while my bait goes untouched and have a great time doing it.

3) How to catch the bluefish so clamdigger doesn't have to scratch up his plugs on them as he bails bass after bass.

4) How to watch the MDA Tournament winning bass swim away at my feet with Johns brand new plug still attched.

5) How to cast a bomber into the rocks across Weakapaug Breachway and then spend an entire night in front of TV picking out the birds nest before realizing it's time to cut

6) How to have a great time fishing and making friends with great bunch of people. (Should be number One)

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