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I have been thru a bunch of good 2nd hand machines over the past couple of years. Mtd, toro, craftsman
Current machine is a beast of a crapsman. Tld 2000. 48" 22 hp kohler engine. Hydrostatic pedal drive. Only had 200 hrs on it. Cruise contol. Electric mower engagement. A P.O.S
Before i bought it i looked into them and there were complaints about the hydrostatic tranny failing. My brother assured me this machine was fine. Well it isnt. On flat ground it is fine. Any incline and machine slows to stop and whines. Cant tow even the kids in the trailer Have researched repairing and it seems it is common unrepairable issue great.
Engine is a strong powerful v twin tho
I would recommend staying away from big box store machines. Go to a dealer and get a real cub cadet. As big as u can afford. Machine raider ronnie got is the ticket. Worth the investment to buy new and not inherit someone elses problems. Not worth the savings of a used machine vs new and no headaches. My machine new was $2800. I got it for $700. A waste
Only other recommendation i can give is try to buy a machine with a good metal hood. Thought my neighbor was off his rocker bitchin that he wouldnt buy an other machine with a plastic hood. Now i know why. Every single one i have had including this one have broken
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