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Interesting read. But other than the conspiracy stuff common all over, this is fairly vanilla. I forget which phrases you (Spence) commonly use to minimize importance of whatever. Sure wish I could use "Enthusiasm Gap" as I love that one

I have (and have had for the year up to the election) serious concerns about Trump's connections to Moscow:

Business dealings
Possible money laundering (lots of Russian money in Trump businesses)
Why is he tough on everyone but as weak as Obama when it comes to Putin??

I also have tons of concerns with Russian money in Hillary, Bill, and many of their Party Guard.

Frankly in most areas Putin is running circles around Trump as badly as he did with Obama. My suspicion is because he has crap on Trump. As for Obama wilting to Putin, O thought it would be a foreign policy victory to reduce American influence elsewhere .

And while all this squabble goes on, China has become a peer in the Global Scheme and is essentially a SuperPower now. The Tectonic Plates of the Great Powers Game have shifted much recently, prepare for an earthquake.

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