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Originally Posted by RIROCKHOUND View Post

if CO2 IS a greenhouse gas, which has an impact on the climate system, shouldn't the US be leading on ways to reduce emissions to reduce that risk (and reduce our dependence on imported energy?). I say that while driving a car and using oil for hot water. I'm not advocating for all of us to bike to work, although efficiency is a big part of the story moving forward.

I suspect we agree more on environmental issues than we disagree...I think everyone should have to keep all of their garbage on their premises for a month(or more) and figure out what to do with it...I have solar panels in the early 90's, which is funny because it was just established we didn't have those technologies a decade goal is to live in a tiny house and I'm considering a Co-Exist bumper sticker for my Subaru wagon.......the economic impact of falling overboard is much greater now than it was 20 years ago and this will always be true....20 years ago you probably would't have an Iphone in your pocket and expensive breathable jacket and bibs.....storms are going to happen and people will still build in their path and collect expensive trinkets to get wrecked
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