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The Golden Era of Boston sports over?

Certainly looks that way...

Brady leaves town, and six teammates take a pass on playing in the season of Covid. And I don't blame them...
Mookie is dealt to the Dodgers for what in return? No problem... Sox blow out Baltimore in game one, and are seemingly lost unless their one true pitcher (Evoldi) is up. Going to be a long 60 game season... No wait. MLB will never get through this season. I predict they get shutdown in August.
Pastrnak is MIA as Bruins head to their bubble in Toronto. They have a shot. Maybe. Tough to get that train rolling like it was though. Marchand wins scoring title as no one will defend him for fear of getting licked...
Celtics? Who knows. Their bubble is located in the nation's hotspot, and the majority of players are in a very high demographic that is susceptible to getting this virus.
MLS? Boston already eliminated.

It was a hell of a run, despite the suspensions, fines, and firings....

Eff COVID and the Chinese....

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