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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
not angry, thanks.

youíre right i didnít read the whole thread. i kind of stopped when wdmso defended the white woman who wore a black monkey mask
and threw eggs at elder and shoved the elderly people he was walking with.

when i need lectures on character from the only person in the world who still calls people
retard ( and insists it was ok), iíll let you know, but thanks.
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You know I did it because you claim Republicans are such great people yet they all got hard-ons when Trump made fun of the handicapped reporter.

It's funny how you ran away for months and now you're back spewing your anger yet you had the nerve to mock someone else because you thought that they had done that previously even though you were asked r a few times to leave them alone. You agreed to stop but did it again anyways. I guess you just can't help yourself.

Do you know notice how this forum turns into a #^&#^&#^&#^&show when you post?
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