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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
All the libs everywhere are saying this was just a partisan hit job against the election process. Haven't heard anyone say what they mean. Did Elder forge signatures on the recall petition? He he get dead people to vote?
I'd say publishing baseless claims that the election was rigged is pretty blatant. Trump was right there with him.

Or did he have the chutzpah to challenge a very prominent democrat, one in charge of a state that's a hot mess, that people are fleeing from, that ordered his citizenry to stay home while he went out for lavish dinners, because he's superior to everyone else?
You keep harping on your exodus theory and it's just a half baked talking point that isn't really true. 2020 was the first year the population didn't grow in 120 years. Much of the small drop that did occur was covid related.

The dinner thing was definitely a bad move. The recall might not have happened without the negative PR.

I saw none of this concern when Scott Walker was recalled, but that was a good thing, because he was a republican.
The situations are completely different.
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