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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post

If you put the words beat apolitical problem solvers in a room, and asked them the best ways to endure we ruin integrity, every single one of them would say voter id and voting in person if possible. I can only think of one possible reason why anyone would oppose this, they want it to be easier to cheat. Thereís no other possible reason.
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You certainly are enduring in your attempts to enable people who ruin integrity.

Itís interesting that you claim to be conservative yet want yet more laws to prevent voter fraud, which has been proven time after time to be statistically insignificant and has not been shown by any evidence to have affected any election in this country.

One could question if what is happening here is Consciousness of Guilt on your part.

It is important to protect the integrity of our elections. But we must be careful not to undermine free and fair access to the ballot in the name of preventing phantom voter fraud.

Politicians at all levels of government have repeatedly, and falsely, claimed the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections were marred by large numbers of people voting illegally. However, extensive research reveals that fraud is very rare, voter impersonation is virtually nonexistent, and many instances of alleged fraud are, in fact, mistakes by voters or administrators. The same is true for mail ballots, which are secure and essential to holding a safe election amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Brennan Centerís seminal report The Truth About Voter Fraud conclusively demonstrated that most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless and that most of the few remaining allegations reveal irregularities and other forms of election misconduct. Numerous other studies, including one commissioned by the Trump administration, have reached the same conclusion.

Voter fraud is unacceptable, but we must find solutions that address actual problems instead of imposing policies that make it harder for millions of eligible Americans to participate in our democracy.

But enabling more Americans to be voters is not your goal.
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