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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
So it's ok to have an obstructionist house and senate for the past bunch of years that tried to block obama from doing anything but this is a bad thing? Ok.
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I think you are a bit off, here's why...

Voting on bills is obviously a partisan, political act.

The presidential inauguration is not a political event. It is NOT an endorsement of the new President. It is a civic celebration of maybe the most gloriously democratic feature of our nation - the peaceful (except for the liberal rioters, naturally) transfer of power from one leader to the next.

Skipping an inauguration is a crummy thing for an elected official to do. If you want to block every policy Trump wants to endorse, fine. But the man won the election, and the fact that we had the election, is worth celebrating, REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS.

Liberals don't buy this. All they care about is getting their way, every single time.

When was the last time, in this nation, that the police had to fire tear gas, and break out riot gear, because of a conservative political protest? How come that never happens?
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