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Question Mid term elections....

Now that they are over and the Democratic Party has both the House and Senate do you think they can get the job done? So many issues but the main one as we all know is Iraq.

How do we get out without the country falling into civil chaos and bloodshed of an unimaginable scale? We have to finish what we unfortunately started, how the hell do we do that? Now that Rumsfeld, although very belatedly, has been fired and the officer corps of our armed forces are jumping for joy down the hallways of the Pentagon, do you think the new DS elect will let the military run the ground offensive there or not and will he listen to there advice? McNamara, is who I hold solely responsible for the war in VietNam getting so F*cked up and taking my brother's life, ran the show in the same way Rumsfeld did, it only took 30 years for him to realize how wrong he was. Even Pres. Johnson wanted to get out and knew it was a no win situation but he let McNamara go on as Bush did with Donny. How will this all play out? Any thoughts?

Why even try.........
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