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Originally Posted by gone fishin View Post
How the hell did we get into a civil war in Iraq?
Easy answer--we started it.

You only had to look at the Balkans to see what was going to happen after Saddam was out of the picture. Very similar picture--bunch of disparate ethnicities/religions artificially held together under the reign of a brutal dictator (Tito in Yugoslavia, Hussein in Iraq). When the cement holding it together is removed, all hell breaks loose.

It's our great misfortune as a country to be too idealistic for our own good, still, after we should know better. We see people being brutalized in the world and we want to do something about it. That dirtbag Milosevic is ethnically cleansing Serbia by slaughtering Croats and Muslims, heck, let's stick our nose in that mess--and in the worst possible way, under the auspices of the UN

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