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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
I suspect he mentioned P&W jet engines.
"So you are ok with the tax breaks Malloy/CT gave bridgewater assoc. and other hedge funds?"

I don't think that was done to keep those jobs from going to Mexico. If those hedge funds leave CT, those jobs pop up in another state, they aren't lost.

"The small manuf. up the street isn't getting anything"

You have a good point. But the small manufacturer isn't in competition with a hedge fund, he's in competition with other manufatcurers. I suspect that manufacturers are going to bet a nice corporate tax cut when Trump is sworn in.

Paul, you can make good points about whether or not these subsidies make sense. I responded to you, you make good points.

Now, for the third time...what does it say to you about Obama, that he mocked Trump for predicting he'd save these jobs, Obama said there wa sno magic wand to do it, yet Trump did it? Can you please, just once, respond to my question? Obama gave huge money to corporations he liked (Solyndra, automakers). So instead of mocking Trump for talking about Carrier, why the hell didn't Obama try to help these people?

It gets very very tiresome when I respond to your challenging questions, but you constantly dodge mine.

"I suspect he mentioned P&W jet engines. "

Good for him if he did.
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