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Exclamation boosting your immune system

thought i'd repost this to refresh your memories.
Originally Posted by Raven View Post
[b]immune system boosting is always number one
i read and studied "linus pauling's" huge 2" thick book on vitamin C
definitely include that in your regimen (vitamin C)

i use emergency packets 2000 mils in oj or ruby red grape fruit (fast acting)
definitely start taking the echinacea herb ( proven in Germany)
garlic bread strong made with chopped garlic golden light fried in butter
phlegm is concurred with slippery elm throat lozenges- sends it out the south end
chicken broth helps allot to regain your strength
spices will double the power of your immune system (read that book too)
i try and eat some of the white stuff in between large naval oranges as it contains bioflavenoids
"that makes vitamin C work even better"
Cayenne pepper helps to heat the body and increase circulation (keep a salt shaker of it handy)
green tea also helps to boost your immune system as does reishi mushroom (ganaderma)
i am currently taking fungi perfecti's 7 mushroom blend for immune system boosting.
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