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Originally Posted by rphud View Post
I love me some Black IPAs! Yours sounds like the Imperial kind which would be a new one on me, but sounds awesome.
you are correct.. BJCP-14C Imperial black IPA. Starting SG 1.096-1.100 final SG 1.012 - 1.016

14.1lbs American 2 row malt
.5 lbs. light wheat malt
1 lb. dextrose
.5 lbs. 20L crystal malt
.5 lbs. Amber malt
1 lb. de-husked Carafa II malt
Hops: 2 ounces Sterling ( 60 min.) 1 ounce Nugget (60 min) .5 ounces Wai-iti (10 min) .5 ounces Wai-Iti 2 flame out (1 min.)
Dry hop = 1 ounce centennial 1 ounce cascade 1 ounce Zythos
Yeast Safale US-05
Saccharification rest 150@ 60 min. Mash out 168 5 min.

this is a good one.. ABV =11 Color = 31 SRM IBU= 95

I have another black IPA that good as well. but not nearly as complex...this one is worth the time and trouble./. 10 weeks to drinkability..

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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