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Besides RTHB Commando gives back again.

Tired of the snow, cold and just wishing for spring. Figured I would toss a picture out there to help everyone get their minds off winter.

Oh. One other thing. Besides the RTHB auction for soldiers with traumatic brain injuries.

I decided to GIVE AWAY. Yes. That's right. 3 days two nights on Block Island. Guided by myself and a mix of other guys. The winner will come out, stay with us and fish with us. Dates to be determined. You are responsible to get yourself and your gear to/from the island and be ready to fish.

Entry. I will take entries here in this thread. Again. Giving back.

Just post away. Make sure if you are a Commando bag owner you include it in your post because you will get a double entry. If you say you own a Commando bag then you better show up with it or you WILL be voted off the island.

I will pick a winner on April 25th and the trip to Block will be in June.

Now. This is my contest. Rules well. I make them. If you don't like that then don't enter. If you bad mouth my stuff then don't enter and if you do your entry will be deleted.

As usual it pays to own a Commando bag.

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