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Originally Posted by Slipknot View Post
try answering with an answer
I'll ask again

"If making things illegal stops people, then why do people continue to drink and drive, sell drugs, rape people, kill people, steal ... ?

Since all of the above are illegal, and people still do them, what makes you think that making any guns illegal will stop those that want to cause harm?"
Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint, we enact laws that our elected officials feel are reasonable with the hope that our fellow Americans will obey them.

They do reduce behavior and actions that we find hazardous or objectionable, it is also obvious that laws don't absolutely prevent anything.

Senate Republicans may both fear Trump and use him for their own ends, but they have very little love for him. Almost all of them would privately vote for an act-of-God scenario where Trump drops dead — not violently but peacefully, without suffering, ideally surrounded in his bed by a loving retinue of Fox News personalities, Ivanka, and perhaps a tasteful array of magazine covers bearing his likeness. The trouble for the Republican Senate has always been how they get from here to there.
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