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funny... last I heard, when Saddam was still ruling over Iraq, thinks we're going pretty well for most of the country. Then we come in and turn the place upside down, trash the place and leave a power vacuum. Isis comes in and takes over.
If you can't connect these dots, you need to wake up. Isis is on us... we tilled th soil, we fertilized the field to let that weed grow. We may not have spred the seed but we did everything else.
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The power vacuum occurred when the US military left Iraq. Now that we are more actively engaged, the power is shifting. If the Middle East, specifically Islamic States and Islamic ideology, which are based on fear and power rather than on free individuals, do not transform, various Saddams, Osama bin Ladens, and terrorist groups, and Assads, and Irans, and Saudi Arabia's, and Talibans, etc., which all existed before we went into Iraq . . . unless there is a transformation, these nasty things will continue.

Sometimes it takes power to get rid of power. If you connect dots in history, that often seems to be the case.
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