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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Lets be honest about subject.. your post had little to do about ISIS recruitment. Rather it had more to do with trying to Insulate Trump from suggestions he's being used as a material for ISIS ( a gotcha video) My point was How easy it is it is even in America to rally people with False Statement and fear.. with a selective message or did you you miss that ?
It's a little less than amazing how you keep accusing others, me included, of making stuff up, especially about accusing you of saying something you didn't say. Yet you blithely make stuff up and tell others, me included, what I supposedly really was saying.

Here, you're first sentence hints that I wasn't being honest. Well, again, you're making stuff up. Of !COURSE! I was pointing out that accusations against Trump being a recruiter for ISIS is a stretch which misses the most fundamental motivation for joining ISIS. ISIS would exist and recruit with or without Trump. Trying to make him a recruiter because of what he has said (let's be honest, as you say) is political fodder to make him look bad. That was one of the many ways of trying to make him look bad compared to Hillary during the campaign. Where did I hide or try to be sneaky about pointing that out? It was obvious. So obvious that even you saw my intent. Hurray. THAT'S WHAT I INTENDED!

And the video WAS specifically about ISIS recruitment. And, as usual, you totally disregard commenting on the actual video and make stuff up about my being dishonest. And, as usual, you deflect from the video so that you can maintain that what Trump says contributes to ISIS recruitment. The fundamental reason fighters join ISIS is ideological, as the defector in the video points out. If Trump had said nothing, the same would still apply. And if he did say nothing, he would be dishonest. As you say, let's be honest.
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