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do you think an organization (our govt) that cant pass any legislation, cant balance a budget and cant agree on anything can possibly be that sophisticated?
Take a look at the TSA, that would be the calibre of "enforcers" for Big Brother....I'm not worried.

But....big business is another story - Facebook, Google - they're not racking in billions because they have nice websites. They are making $$$$ off the info they have on YOU. Thats scary and will be more so.
Want an example? Last week, while in a parking lot, I found a womans drivers license from my town. I googled her to get her number to return it.
In seconds, I not only got her phone #, I knew her kids were honor role students, what business her husband was in and that she ran in the Boston Marathon. Imagine if my intent was to do harm? I could use that info for a variety of purposes. That is SCARY.

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