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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
George....curious to know how you found the fishing this season? I had a dismal season in the salt but I am curious how you found the quantity and the quality (size) of the fish this season or lack there of?
The spring was slow for me but the early-mid summer good (even though I managed to lose most of the real large fish I hooked).
The fall has been disappointing so far. Plenty of tiny fish but finding anything of quality (say 20# plus) has been a lot of work.........meaning that I have to take out Paul just to see one.

On the other hand I had great black sea bass fishing, caught some cod, albies, and a solitary bonito (that hit a butterfly jig in 117 ft of water, go figure). I fished in some manner (often just for schoolies) almost every day and weather was good so I'm not complaining.

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