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Originally Posted by the greek View Post
Got around to doing some handcarveds which is something I haven't done in quite some time. The small blue over silver is actually silver leafed. These little guys are probably my most productive plug over the years.

I have a few more in the works both some Ive done before and have been decent fish catchers especially the redfin copy. The other is loosely based on a Maverick.

I have also moved to liking a lighter smaller pencil which more suits my needs. These will be totally sealed with a couple canal style and the rest full round. The white one in the middle of the pic is a resin pencil I have been messing around with. I really like the plug and it casts and fishes extremely well. I pour these with the weight in place then pull the rod I pour them on leaving the through hole done and weight in place. While I really like the resin stuff its just too much time for me right now.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing.
Awesome stuff. What kind of resin are you using for the popper?
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