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It often comes down to the root of the issue; money.... A choice has to be made, whether well thought out or not. Long term effect vs short term effect. Not unlike the choice to write off a part of your house on your tax return. (You end up paying the piper down the road.) If your lures are available at the local B&T, through the local club, or you get a table at a local event or booth at a big show, you are commercial. If you do any of those, (according to my interpretation of the laws) you should be reporting and paying taxes, etc. If you choose to skirt the law on those requirements, you no doubt will draw the ire of a couple full time builders who are competing for that same buyer, yet has regulatory costs that you choose to ignore.
And if you are posting and selling any you have made on the internet, and then claiming you are not commercial, that's just some special stoopid in my book. (If only because you are documenting everything for anyone who wants to stick it to you...)
I'm not judging. Too old to care. My reality is not necessarily yours. I have never sold, but have seen one I gave away listed for sale once.

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