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Here in NJ i have made a living offa shadow lines.Boardwalk lights, bridges, streetlamps,lighthouse lamps(not the beacon) It puts em where they are supposed to be.Fish will stage in the dark side nose into the current an ambush's pretty simple really but often overlooked.I have noticed this At PJ as well as the big candle at montauk.There is a big light there that cast's a shadow on the water my buddie was hooking up an I was not.I moved over to see what was going on an I could see the shadowline he was unknowingly working.We worked together an beat on em till the light went out. :C The Moon is light.It makes more sense in land structures I have not considered it much but i will now.I don't mind the moon.I don't like moon no moon conditions.I have had times that I was scoring well in moonlit nights when the moon got covered by clouds my success went with the light.To add to this.It is important not to cast ur shadow into the line as the fish will spook.Ur best off working the area from a angle after taking current or any sweep into consideration.To determine the best line of attack.

It's usually darkest just before it turns Black..
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