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Originally Posted by spence View Post
I was merely stating why some people have a negative reaction to the movie, I didn't state that I agreed with them. You're just programmed to assume the worst.

I really couldn't care less what he thought of Iraqis as long as it didn't influence his behavior negatively which I don't believe it did. His service to the country was impressive and his death tragic.
I read the book and saw the movie, and for anyone to play the racism card is staggering, proof that these people have such a deep hatred for the values that this country is based on, they cannot help but besmirch a guy like this. That's deep, crazy, deranged hate.

How would anyone know how he felt about Iraqis in general? He said in the book, several times, that he was deeply hurt when innocent citizens were hurt by the enemy, which he calls savages. Back in 1945, I don't think liberals cried racism when soldiers referred to the enemy as krauts or japs. Very interesting what happened to the left since then. Any thoughts?
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