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Unhappy Weird System 3 problem??

Started using S3 at the tail end last season w/o issues. My last 2 batches are weird. Createx heat treated, dry a few days and epoxy coat is what I've done for years w/ e tex. Only difference w/S3 is no scratch coat of lacquer. The first coat drys nice and hard. Hung near furnace pipes like always. When you grab them and squeeze the plug and rub you notice your hands getting sticky. I thought because I did a small batch of epoxy, 4cc resin, 2cc hardener. Recoat with a larger quantity mixture 6cc resin, 3cc hardener. Plugs came out great. After drying a couple days I grab one and guess what, same sticky feel. You can actually dull the finish. Oddly the finger nail test proves it's hard. No denting. Anyone have a clue before I try again?

Billy D.
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