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Paul I need as it seems to do a drying box of some sort. Here's the deal, I never have time to do things like that. With rods to build and plugs along with bats , I need to quit my day job.LOL I like to get a larger plastic tube work that into a drying box and eventually adapt into a vertical flipper. Since I flip now and results are ok, I think I could get more on a spin. I also see within an hour with some heat the system 3 sets up an there's no sag. I wiped down those "alligator " finish needles w/isopropyl prior to second coating too. My concern was establishing a chemical bond with the second coat and prefer not to do it more than 72 hrs out . Any problem with adhesion when you wait longer? I also don't want to scratch surface with a pad before recoating.

Billy D.
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