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bunker livelining mishap

Out in the kayak in CT and came upon massive schools of LARGE bunker... no bluefish around... snagged a few, and tried livelining... once with a 7/0 single bait hool, and 2 other thime with a treble through the nose... stripers in the 33" range took the bunker, and after about 5 seconds, I got anxious and tried to set the hook, and just yaked the bait right out of its mouth... Very very frustrating, esecially since I saw one with my bait in its mout about 6 feet away from me... When A bass takes a large live bunker, should I free spool it ? How much time should I give it before setting? Maybe I should be using a much larger treble than I was... or a circle? Damn I blew it... Im going back monday hoping to see bunker and bass... any help would, eh... help. Thanks!
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