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Originally Posted by Raven View Post
i re read your post and it answered my question...

lets go back to the strike ZONE....

because the fish are seeking that particular resting spot

is the strike zone... relatively small - say a 3x 3 foot square?
I would have to say yes.At least deffinetly in the faster stages of the tide.As it slows down they will move more.I might even fish higher up in the water collum when it slows down..I vary my casting distances also,starting out and working my way back to try to cover as much water as possible..Then I will alter my lure slightly to fish differnt water.Small things like larger pork or going to rubber trailers starting small and increasing them in size can make a big difference.This by several different reasons, like a slower sink rate will get me to the bottom in a different part of the drift..In turn it lets me fish different water.

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