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Originally Posted by Raider Ronnie View Post
Those pumps are toys !
Install a new 1 2/2 seacock with a pick up scoop under the boat.
Then install a Rule 17A as close or even better directly off the seacock.
1 1/2 hose off pump to the deck
(White vacuum wire reinforced hose sold at West Marine)
If you want high pressure find a reduction barbed fitting to bring the 1 1/2 hose down to 1/2 diameter with give you 3800 gallons per hr and high pressure.
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I can see the head line now, man sinks 18' boat with wash down hose.. be real Ron... not every boat needs to flood the deck with an 1 1/2" hose, just storing it in a small boat would be a " "toy" does a very nice/fast job of cleaning the boat after hauling lobster pots, bleeding/gutting a limit of haddock, cleaning muck after a morning of clamming or cleaning up after snagging pogies..just like it is supposed to do..
When I had my Holland, the choice was simualr to what you describe.. it had to be..

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