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Originally Posted by Rockfish9 View Post
I can see the head line now, man sinks 18' boat with wash down hose.. be real Ron... not every boat needs to flood the deck with an 1 1/2" hose, just storing it in a small boat would be a " "toy" does a very nice/fast job of cleaning the boat after hauling lobster pots, bleeding/gutting a limit of haddock, cleaning muck after a morning of clamming or cleaning up after snagging pogies..just like it is supposed to do..
When I had my Holland, the choice was simualr to what you describe.. it had to be..

So what’s the lifespan of These little pea squirted pumps with the pressure switch before they rust up and #^&#^&#^&#^& the bed, 1-2 years ?
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