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As mentioned, both extremely good and side by side is pointless because they're both pallet wreckers. Each fairly different from the other but equally as "good". By that I mean balanced, complex, etc.

Heady says to "drink from the can but if you must pour it into a glass, leave the #^&#^&#^&#^& that settles to the bottom in the can". I decided to store one can upside down in the fridge and compared it to one stored upright and the one upside down was definitely hoppeier.

All that said, if I had to choose one over the other, I'd go with the Heady only because it fits my preferences better but I'd never turn down either.

It would be awesome to see Heady partner with a brewery that has more capacity like Lawson did by brewing at Two Roads. I get the whole cult thing and keeping it small and local but damn, talk about an opportunity to be filthy rich.

My 3 lifetime favorite IPA types to date are: Heady, Lawson and Sculpin in that order.

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