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Originally Posted by fishbones View Post
Why don't you just admit that you don't like horses? I'm assuming that you have no idea how many people ride in the area that the bridge was replaced. It's probably a lot more than you would expect.

So, your estimate that hundreds use the bike path every day makes it a worthwhile tax funded project? Does that estimate include all the people using the path during the crappy weather and in the winter? I'd guess that the amount of use versus the number of people paying for it is probably less than you think.

As for taxes, stables pay high taxes because they're taxed at the business rate, not residential. Residential horse owners are taxed at the residential rate, but in order to keep horses on your property, you must own a minimum amount of land. The more land you own, the more taxes you pay.
I love horses.

Alot of horses are kept on land that pays little to no taxes.
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