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Talking The Harbor fall run is on!!!!!

Tuesday we took out Ernie Johanson of Quincy MA, Keith Ashmus of Ohio, Steve Bailey of Revere and Pam Kearney of Weymouth MA. We had a great day snaggin live pogies as everbody took a turn learning how to snag. We headed for a few spots inside the harbor and ended up with some nice bass. 1st pass of the day we had a double hookup, Keith landed a nice 23 lb bass and Ernie landed a nice 25 lb bass around 42 inches long. We hit a bunch of other spots to know avail so we went back to hit the spot we took the fish near Quincy bay in the morning and Steve Caught a nice 21 lb bass. We could not get Pam hooked up but we had a great day.

Friday Bill and I had an oppurtunity to get out and fish by oursleves so we headed down to the boat around 5 am, headed out of the river and came across a huge school of adult Pogies, as we were snaggin them to put them in the live well, Bill hookes up to a nice 24 lb Striper, then he hooks another 22 lb Striper, I then hook into a 10 lb Bluefish, then I hook into a 19 1/2 Lb Bass, which I hooked deep so we kept it. Then Bill throws out a Cotten Cordel Pensil Popper and hooks about a 7 lb bluefish. This all happened in 1 hour. I was still looking for that big bass so when the tide went slack we headed out to Quincy Bay and I hooked up and landed a nice 27 1/2 lb, 43 inch Bass. SO we were back at the dock by 9, Never came back in that early before, so we filleted the fish, Gave some to the guys down at the dock, took some to the Guys Bill works with and We were home by 11.

On one other note, When we came out around the corner of Quincy Bay the water was alive with fish. They were bustin Peanut bunker all over the surface, so the fall run is on and now is the time to get out there as the next month and 1/2 will be some of the best fishing of the season.

We still have plenty of good dates available for shared or private charters so give us a call soon.

We have also put the pictures of the latest fish up on our website in the photo section at

Best Regards Ed, lets try to get you out there soon.


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