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Originally Posted by wader-dad View Post
I saw it and had a good time with my son and daughter. Thought some of it- especially in the Goblin world was just bad--too much like a video game- But I love Gandalf and Radagast the Red. Bilbo is such a better Hobbit than Frodo. Love Goblins with english accents- speak much nicer than Orcs.
Radagast the BROWN

My daughter asked a good question- "how come in Lord of the Rings they didn't just get an eagle to fly them to Mordor and have Sam throw Frodo and the ring off the eagle into the volcano (daughter thought Frodo was a wimp). Good question.
I doubt the eagles would have done it. They will do favors but don't tend to get that deep into the affairs of men and elves.

Also, I'm not sure it would be easy to fly the ring into Mordor given the all watching eye.

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