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Health care

So the Republicans couldn't pass it , no they didn't have the spine to put it up for vote ...

Trump blames Democrats for GOP health care bill failure

“The good news is they now own health care. They now own Obamacare.”

“The best thing that can happen is that we let the Democrats, that we let Obamacare continue, they’ll have increases from 50 to 100 percent,” he said. “And when it explodes, they’ll come to me to make a deal. And I’m open to that.”

Spoken like a sore loser

What would peoples response be , if the fire dept saying they wont respond to your burning house because they didn't build it

or the Police wont respond to your 911 call because you didn't give them a donation

or the coastguard wont rescue you at see until your swimming

The GOP needs to grow up .. sometimes you need to fix the car you have ... not just buy a new one FIX the Car and the reality is none of our elected officials ever have to drive in that car. And now the are crying it has no brakes and were going to let it crash ..... thats leadership ???

Making America great one Car wreck after another
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