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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
I know many of the Faithful insist he did do anything wrong it wasn't illegal

You're suggesting a false moral equivalence on the part of whom you refer to as the "Faithful". Saying that because something isn't illegal does not mean that there is NOTHING wrong with it. "Wrong" and "illegal" are not synonymous. Lying about something can be right or wrong, depending on the circumstance and purpose.

Bills blow Job wan't illegal but some love using that as an example

what is wrong in both cases they lied bill that he got one and Trumps people they never meet with the Russians

The legal difference, among others, is Bill lied under oath.

this is analogy was on the radio its not 100% word for word

Lets say Tump got and email asking if wished to attend an "Russian" orgy this was forwarded to him by Manafort and his Brother in Law also wished to attend and did

His reply is I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!
( non of them wore undergarments and had pockets of condoms they were ready )
They go and all are disappointed its no orgy but a cigar party

Several months later His wife (the Country ) hears and see's the email chain .... is any one dumb enough to think that their wife is going to say its ok honey it's a nothing burger its ok I am glad it wasn't an orgy do you still have the condoms?..

Hell no.. this question it going to be why the F----k did you think it was ok to go to an orgy in the 1st place they lied again .. its well over 20 times Team Trump denied any Russian contacts
And i am sure Dad new all about it ...
As John said, this is a stupid analogy. Anyway, Trump Junior's "wife" in this case, whether it be his real wife or his supporters, may not like his lie, but they would not feel cheated by the Russian contacts.
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