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The one that got away, is back...

Hey guys...I'm Brian Richards also known as Beach Bum even when I moved out to Colorado for 15 years give or take...I got tired of folks simply not believeing my stupid fish stories of mine from where I grew up here in Marshfield, also know as Vegas, Mass...Trying to explain that a tuna really can be the size of the VW was a little out of their comprehension zone...Believe it or not they actually have striped bass out there but their are more the size of the bait that we are all used to using here...Again I used my kids, at the time 4' shorties depending on how much I fed them, as an example of the size that I was acustom to...All they could do is offer me another beer and politely nod their heads in agreement then continue their own stories of 18"rainbows that were "supposedly" caught up in the hills above the tree line...I would make every attempt at getting them to my train of thought of that is bait not a trophy but to no avail...After many frustrating conversations I learned that they would never understand and resolved myself to be a closest fisherman with memories of days gone past...Pining for the day that I can get my line wet yet again and to be amongst my fellow piers of true fisherman that not only believe my fish stories but do everything in their power to one up me with theirs...I truelly respect a well weaved fish tale of the greatest proportion...Hell I even know the family that their great great great what ever wrote Moby Dick...Now how could they possibly compete with that...18" rainbows indeed, I say take the small hook out and put a larger one back in and over the side she goes...Don't you think our local stripers here would enjoy their beautiful coloring just before munching them for lunch...? Now I realize this will never happen but it is the point that I'm trying to get at here...We have real fish here on the East coast along with a nice population of pretty colored practice fish as refer to them as...Finially I had to come back to my own and I decided to move back to Mass again, maybe I missed the taxes who knows...I now get to wave at my waves on a dailly basis...I do miss the mountains from time to time but that's what plains are made for, right...? Take care and Happy Holidays...Nice to be home...
Sincerely Beach Bum
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