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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
"you are assuming what a small % of the population does represents the whole population "

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I am not saying al liberals are rioters, or that all liberals support riots sure, that is exactly what you do. Very rarely do you specify the sub set you are talking about. (though not many pundits criticize the rioters, most justify it). Again, I ask a simple question, and instead of answering, you point out some of my many flaws.

Here is what I am doing. I am asking you, if liberals are more prone to riot, than conservatives.No, I don't think so. I'm not saying all liberals do it, I am not saying all liberals condone it. I am asking if politically-motivated rioting exists more commonly on the left than the right.I would agree that there are more liberals in college than conserv. in college who "riot" but I think there are more people in those "riots" who have no political affiliation or identification than identify as liberal. When BLM rioted, those folks were angry that they felt they were treated differently from whites - their policital party (if they even had one) had nothing to do with it. In some of the riots, some of the people are anarchists, some are doing it bc of the mob mentality and some are doing bc they want to steal things.

Yes or no?

I happily concede all of my shortcomings, you don't need to point them out, this is a yes or no answer. And if the answer is yes (which it obviously is), here is the real question - why?
You're making a broad generalization by assigning something to them that I don't think is correct.
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