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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
It's idiotic to presume that a white kid is more privileged than a black kid.

not all but most... and failing to see the world as it is rather then how you wish it was seems to be a conservative Trait
The reason so many black kids are disadvantaged, is because 70% of them are born without a dad. That has absolutely nothing to do with skin color, and absolutely everything to do with the culture that people tend to embrace, and the decisions they choose to make. It's not "white" privilege. It's "stable family" privilege. Liberals never stop mocking traditional family values, and then they act surprised when the lack of family values has catastrophic societal effects.

White kids from broken, chaotic families tend to struggle. Black kids from stable homes, with two parents of opposite sex who are committed to the family, tend to do just fine. It's not about race. It's about the family, or lack thereof.

The late great liberal senator from NY, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, predicted 45 years ago that liberalism would be the end of the black nuclear family, and that it would be a disaster for blacks. He was excoriated for saying it. And he was 100% correct.

"And i guess Trumps latest Pocahontas comment is to indoctrinate his base of support for his unprofessional behavior that they seem to love"

It was a classless thing for him to do, in that setting.
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