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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
I'd say your review was pretty accurate. The story was so incredible, that even a less-than-perfect movie adaptation would be more than worthwhile. That being said, it left me wanting. Here are some of my complaints redlite, and be warned that this may warrant a spoiler alert...

How does the movie fail to mention that Lt Murphy was awarded the Medal Of Honor, how do you completely exclude the scene at Luttrell's ranch when the community gathered there for days? Why show a scene that shows Luttrell leaving the village under his own power (minutes after being strong enough to stab someone to death), then all of a sudden he's flat-lining on a hospital table?

The director did a pretty good job. But this was a once-in-a-generation story that should have been so good, that it would be overwhelming to talk about.

That being said, I did weep during the final scene. And this was the only time in my life where the entire audience erupted in thunderous applause at the end.

I give it an A-. It could have been off-the-charts good. The movie was the equivalent of catching a 40 pound striper out of a school of 50 pounders.
I agree it left me wanting as well. Along the same lines as not spoiling anything and understanding that there simply is no way to put all of a book on the big screen i agree. The part from the whole book about "the water bottle" and his thirst was somewhat hit upon when he smelt the wAter bottle they gave him before he started drinking from it and i agree the whole part about the homefront should have been touched upon. The big moment on the rocky point with the view was hollywood lamish. For some reason left a bad taste in my mouth
The wrap up was very moving and no one got up to leave when the credits came
I will definately add it to my movie library when it comes available
Truly a remarkable story of determination that happens all the time with the folks in uniform
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