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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Republicans spent $7m on 33 separate hearings over four years. They hope to find evidence that the Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton, was in some way guilty of wrongdoing. knows she would be the nominee and found nothing .. and now theses same republicans are crying foul ... curious

but now they are upset with the current investigation
I'm not upset that they are investigating Trump. But let's investigate thoroughly and fairly. I'm upset that some people who should know better, are acting as if there's evidence to suggest Trump is guilty. There isn't.

And Hilary was guilty of wrongdoing. She had highly classified emails on an unsecured server, and lied about it, and in true Clinton fashion, changed the precise verbiage of her story 85 times. When asked if she wiped the server, she mocked "you mean, like, with a cloth"? Hardy-har-har...
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