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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
Paul, you cannot begin to make any kind of credible argument, that the tens of millions of people who voted for Trump, are any more sexist or racist than the people who voted for Hilary.

For your side to claim that there is widespread hatred of people of color or women, among those who voted for just as crazy and offensive, as Trump claiming that Obama is a Muslim or wasn't born here.

The first thing I learned from election night 2016, is that middle America has limits for the amount of insults they are willing to endure. Your side hasn't begun to learn that lesson. Which explains what has happened in the special elections this year, every one of which was portrayed by the media, as a referendum on Trump...that is, until the democrat got his hat handed to him.

The GOP has the Oval Office, both houses of Congress, and an insane majority of state governorships and state legislatures. The only excuse Democrats are able to comprehend for that result, is that my side is racist. Because losing is acceptable, even noble, when one loses to evil. Convincing yourself of that, is much easier, than admitting that not many people are buying what your side is selling.
All of the special elections this year were in heavily Republican areas with a majority incumbent Republican I believe. The dems. though they would take him back and did not. So what does that show bc I'm not sure.

As far as Trump voters being racist certainly not every Trump voter is racist and certainly there are democratic voters who are racist. But I believe there was a backlash by the white middle-class whose skills have not kept up with a new economy and had fallen behind and view that the last 8 years with Obama minorities did better than they did. I also feel that a higher percentage of racists support the Republicans versus the Democrats.
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