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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
As far as Trump voters being racist certainly not every Trump voter is racist and certainly there are democratic voters who are racist. But I believe there was a backlash by the white middle-class whose skills have not kept up with a new economy and had fallen behind and view that the last 8 years with Obama minorities did better than they did. I also feel that a higher percentage of racists support the Republicans versus the Democrats.
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The "language" of numbers is devoid of emotion, morality, fairness, isms and ists, politics, race, personality, doctrine, belief, conscience, motivation, conjecture, or any form of the fog of human vagueness. It is precise, without connotation or contradiction. Applying numbers to those things which numbers are devoid of, without precise, verifiable data, is, as you implied for yourself, an exercise in vague personal "belief." As such, that is not reliable, and the inherent certainty of numbrs can be misused to "imply" something that may not exist.

"Racists," whatever and whomever you mean by that term may predominantly like watermelon. That does not mean that watermelon is bad or racist. "Racists" like, support, a great deal of things that non-racists do. The thing being supported does not have to be racist for a "racist" to support it. Republicans, as a party, don't espouse racism. Some may be racist. The Republican platform differs in some fundamental ways from the Democrat platform. It is no wonder that a "racist," or any other fringe group, would support the individual freedoms that Republicans supposedly espouse. Small fringe groups would prefer to have the ability to live their own lives without government dictating that they cannot.

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