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Vegas and Automatic Weapons

I'm sure it's yet to be determined but by the audio sounds like a fully automatic weapon was used, so it's either a completely illegal weapon or a legally purchased semi automatic converted to automatic action. I have no doubt this will bring up some gun control debate as this moves forward and while I personally agree in the constitutional right to own and bear arms, I also pretty sure our forefathers didn't mean civilians should be able to own military grade fire arms. I used to hunt, but haven't in decades, just never got my juices flowing like being on the water. I'm know many on this site hunt and I've been lucky enough to enjoy some of their yummy game treats back when we used to get together a few times every year to grille, eat, drink and then do some fishing. I can still taste some of GB Outdoors marinated bear meat, served up behind M&D's a decade or more ago, man was that good.

I personally question the need for any semi automatic AR15 type weapon, especially if those are easily converted to automatic action, if you aren't hunting with it what purpose does it serve. I guess if you have a Domesday shelter stocked with water and can goods, then yeah that's probably a natural fit; right along with your ham radio set. It's a F'd up world we live in and I can certainly appreciate wanting that personal "legal" arsenal ready if needed, but man it seems like every time you turn around someone with a screw loose is going ballistic.

My T&P's go out to all the victims, all the witnesses, all the first responders, but I question when does all this madness stop.
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