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Kayak Fish with us.
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All the solutions that I gave you are for warm smoking, that is the easiest way to start. for cold smoking you need a way to cool the smoke down before it gets to the meat / fish.

The old grill is the easiest way to make a smoker for small quantities of fish or meat.
Parts listing for building a grill:
Old Grill (the kind on wheels with a frame under it that the propane tank was standing on)
a hot plate (kitchen for single guys) <jk>
old pot (less than 6") with no handles (to hold wood/sawdust)
piece of chimney (6")
Duct tape (tool box for Ford)
scrap wood, misc parts.

On the old grill, keep the Cooking grid and remove and throw away all the parts inside the grill.

I have to continue later... I have to work.


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